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Strictly Nett 30 DAYS from the end of the month in which the goods are purchased. Payment for the goods delivered and accepted is due within 30 calendar days of the end of the month in which the goods are invoiced. Bill of Exchange and Cheques are not considered as cash payment until cleared. Goods will not be accepted for credit unless prior written approval has been obtained from the Seller.


The prices and information as listed or referred to in our price list are recommended only and there is no obligation to comply with the recommendations. The prices charged and payable shall be the prices ruling at the date the goods are delivered to the purchaser. Prices are subject to alteration without notice. Where applicable, GST will be charged at the ruling rate. The purchase price is inclusive of GST and all other payments have been calculated without regard to GST.

Special quoted prices on bulk purchases are available on request.


Upon acceptance of an order by a Seller, the Seller will seek confirmation of the period of delivery. If any variation has occurred in the quoted period, that Seller will notify the Purchaser. Unless the Purchaser objects in writing within 7 days of that notification to the Purchaser, the period of shipment or delivery notified to the Purchaser will be the contractual period for delivery. Delivery is free to metro Sydney and surroundings for purchase price of $100 (exclusive of GST) or above, otherwise delivery fee will be charged.


  1. Goods will only be accepted for credit if returned within 14 days of date of delivery and must be accompanied by a request for credit quoting the original invoice and/or delivery docket number, the purchase order number, date and the reason for return.
  2. Prior notification of the return of goods is required, at which point a returns and claims number will be allocated which must be quoted at the time of the return. The acceptance of such goods does not imply an agreement to issue a credit note. Goods are subject to inspection and approval and will attract a 20% handling and restocking charge. Freight will be at the expense of the purchaser unless the goods were supplied incorrectly.
  3. No credit will be allowed for:


            a. Goods outside of our normal stock range which have been specially procured.

            b. Goods which are specially manufactured or cut to the specifications of the purchaser.

            c. Goods which have been used, modified or damaged.

            d. Goods with an alleged deficiency or discrepancy where the purchaser has failed to open and check all items supplied within fourteen days of delivery and 
                report any such claim to Stanline Pty Ltd within the said fourteen days.


The only warranties and conditions which are binding on Stanline Pty Ltd in respect of the condition or quality of the goods supplied to the purchaser are those simposed by statute (incl. Trade Practices Act 1974) and thereby the liability, if any, of Stanline Pty Ltd shall be limited to and completely discharged by replacement by Stanline Pty Ltd of the goods supplied and otherwise all other warranties and conditions whether express or implied are hereby excluded and negatived. As such Stanline Pty Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury either direct or consequential arising out of or in relation to the use or application of goods supplied to the purchaser or technical information in our pricelist.

The mere signing of the invoice, delivery docket or manifest for goods receives, not withstanding anything that may be stated to the contrary by the purchaser including conditions listed on an official purchase order, shall be constituted as acceptance of these CONDITIONS OF TRADE.

If the Purchaser falls to provide the information requested by Seller in respect of any application for credit the Purchaser make, Seller may be unable to process such application.

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